Skateboard Echoes

“Skateboard Echoes” book


Through 40 years, 164 pages and 1200 decks showcased, this book is a tribute to the creativity of skateboard artists.
It focuses on “classics” of the skate-design and explores their multiple “echoes” made over time.
Or the Art of exploiting one idea in every possible direction…


The book is available with two different covers:

  • One with the Psychostick echoes on the front, and some Rippers on the back
  • One with the Devil Poohs on the front, and some Wonderland Caterpillars on the back

The inside covers are different too  (surprise…), but the content of the book is the same for both versions.

Shipping costs

The books will be shipped from France by DHL, so the shipping price for a single book is quite expensive for non European countries. The good news is the price increases very slowly with the weight, so maybe you should consider buying a second book for a friend and divide the shipping cost by two…


Contact me if you own a skateshop and are interested in wholesale.


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Additional information

Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 27 × 19 × 1,3 cm

"Devil Pooh" Cover,  "PsychoStick" Cover

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